About this Blog


Here’s the scientific penguin that the title of this blog refers to. The one who comes across the researchers in the Antarctic and says, “Yes, I would like to science please.”

I would like to science too (and I have no problem using the word “science” as a verb). I don’t have all the training, though. I’m not a scientist or a researcher. I took a number of science courses in college, but that was far too many years ago for me to have retained anything useful.

So when it comes to science, I really have no formal training or career. My undergraduate degree is in Philosophy. I studied at UC Davis, where I did focus on the history and philosophy of science and symbolic logic (with some forays into the philosophy of religion, but that’s a different blog). I’m an amateur.

What I do have, though, is a love for science, the scientific method and process, the cosmos that it reveals to us. I don’t have a single area that I’m interested in more than others, so I expect this blog will be scattered and eclectic for a time until I figure out what I’m doing.

Right now my guide for how to make this blog work is Science Blogging: The Essential Guide, edited by Christie Wilcox, Bethany Brookshire, and Jason G. Goldman. I’ve also got a couple of  other books on science writing that I’m hoping will help me hone the tools and craft of science communication.

So please read, comment, and enjoy.

[Side note: I also write fiction. You can find out more about me and that area of my life on my main blog, Bloginomicon.]